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Formic Acid


Use clear, colorless liquid form formic acid which is very common area of a very strong acid.
One mole of formic acid in a carbon, a is two hydrogen and two oxygen atoms. Type of chemical formula HCOOH.

The formic acid is most commonly used as a preservative and antibacterial additive in animal feed. improve the lactic acid fermentation in silos and is used to suppress the formation of butyric acid. Also accelerates the fermentation at low temperatures and reduces the loss of nutritional value.

In the textile industry due to the acidic properties used as fabric dyeing and finishing materials. Also tanning agent in leather production, while the rubber manufacturing a flocculating agent.

Formic acid descaling, can also be used instead of mineral acids in various cleaning chemicals such as toilet bowl cleaner.

Varroa and leaf veins ending in beekeeping (Acarapis were wooden) are used to combat the kind of vapor of formic acid solution is lethal to this parasite.

The following table shows the main features of substance Formic Acid.

Formic Acid Features

Formic Acid (HCOOH)
Chemical Name Formic Acid
Chemical Formula HCOOH
Molecular Weight 46.02538 g/mol
Color / Form colorless / liquid
Density 1,22 g/cm³
Freezing Point 8,2° C


25kg, 35kg bidon or IBC tanks .

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